Oh My God! It’s a Mirage! The Rare ’70s Cadillac Pickup That’s Very, Very Real

In 1934, the Australian Ford Coupe Utility was born of a farm wife’s protest that there was no vehicle suitable for doing work around the family homestead that could also ferry herself and her husband to church. It thus kicked off a fascination with car/truck hybrids that persists to the present day—even if  today’s hybrids […]

Video of the Autonomous Uber Crash Raises Scary Questions, Important Lessons

On Wednesday evening, the Tempe Police Department released a video documenting the final moments before an Uber-owned autonomous test vehicle fatally struck a woman earlier this week. The public response has been varied. Many people agree with Tempe Po…

Touring ‘The Porsche Effect’ at the Petersen Automotive Museum

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There may be no hotter marque than Porsche at the moment, with classic models skyrocketing in price and new …