Bosch builds an infotainment system that just might not suck

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Bosch builds an infotain…

This Self-Driving, Er, Self-Parking Startup Stood Out at CES

Among the throng of self-driving startups making pronouncements at CES, high ambitions were in plentiful supply, but specific business plans were harder to find. Among those revealing previously secret intentions in Las Vegas, one company worth keeping an eye on is Steer, the first company to obtain an autonomous-vehicle testing permit in Maryland. While others […]

Nissan Says Its Brain-to-Vehicle Tech Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Nissan, currently the sixth best-selling automotive brand in America, has chosen to focus its energies on usable and accessible alternative-fuel vehicles—such as the world’s top-selling electric car, the Leaf—while also creating evanescent fantasies related to the eventuality of fully autonomous driving. It is into this latter category that its newest experiment fits. Unveiled this month at […]

Garmin’s New Infotainment System Can Help Navigate around Poor Weather, Not Just Traffic

Garmin is showing off a new infotainment system at CES with features aimed to make both drivers’ and passengers’ lives simpler and more connected. The prototype (shown above) is in a Volvo, but the company is expected to make it available across the auto industry. Called a scalable infotainment platform, the new system operates using an […]

Byton unveiled its futuristic electric SUV concept at CES 2018

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Chinese startup Byton unveiled its “new-generation smart device” EV concept at CES 2018. The electric vehicle can unlock its doors using facial recognition software, and it ev…