Meet the Chinese Company That Really Wants to Be the Next Tesla

SF Motors, a U.S. subsidiary of the Chinese conglomerate Sokon Industry Group, has just paid $33 million to acquire a three-person battery technology startup started by Martin Eberhard, who is also co-founder and former CEO of Tesla Motors. Silicon Valley electric-vehicle and mobility outposts are suffering from brain drain as they poach from Tesla and one another, so […]

NEVS Reincarnates the Saab 9-3 As an Electric Car, in China

It has been more than five years since Saab Automobile ceased to exist. Yet now the company that is in possession of most of the remains, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), is ramping up to revive one of the brand’s mothballed designs from Trollhättan—the 9-3—as a China-built electric car. NEVS has fashioned itself not just […]