Nissan Updates the 370Z in Lieu of Delivering a Successor

Less than a year away from its 10th birthday, Nissan’s 370Z is getting a modest refresh in the hopes of maintaining some kind of relevance. Despite being the better car, the present model failed to outsell the 350Z in the United States in all but…

Porsche Mission E Two-Door and Convertible Possible; RWD Likely

As Porsche readies for the introduction of its fully electric Mission E next year, the automaker continues to reveal more technical details about the production version—while also dropping some hints about what comes after the Mission E in the brand’s electric push. Porsche pointed to one such possibility this past week in the form of […]

Hitler’s 1939 Mercedes 770K limo spotted in tony Seattle suburb

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Just what it was doing there is a mystery — the buyer is “far, far away.”Continue reading Hitler’s 1939 Mercedes 770K limo spotted in tony…

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, Cabriolet get even more luxurious

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Amping up the lavishness on the luxury two-door modelsContinue reading Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, Cabriolet get even more luxurious
Mercedes-Benz S-…

Volkswagen’s T-Roc to Be the Next VW Cabrio

Sport-utility vehicles are practical and popular; convertibles are fun. So why not combine the two? It sounds like a brilliant idea but, aside from true off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler, the concept has rarely been successful. Nissan’s Murano CrossCabriolet was laughed out of showrooms; more recently, Land Rover decided to add a convertible version of […]

BMW M Celebrates 30 Years of Convertibles with a Convertible

Manufacturers look for any reason to create special-edition vehicles. Birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, records, motorsport achievements, auto shows, anything that gives a dash of legitimacy to throwing some badges and contrast stitching on a vehicle and limiting its release. The “unique” vehicles keep attention on the company, make a few customers feel special and loved, and present opportunities to make […]

We Drove A McLaren 570S Spider And All Our Clothes Fell Off

No, really. This isn’t a metaphor for how sexy a convertible sports car is. Somehow, the McLaren 570S Spider is designed in just such a way as to blow a driver’s skirt over their head and unfasten their undergarments. Droptop, indeed. Yes, I went there.  The car literally undresses you as you drive. How that […]

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