Think Electric: The New Nissan Leaf

Until earlier this morning, I had a very defined space in my mind where I categorize electric cars. As you may recall with my drive of the Tesla Model S P90D last year, I’m in no way against EVs. In fact, it was hard not to fall for the performance and the futuristic aspects of that particular […]

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Is the Nissan Leaf still competitive? Absolutely. Here’s why

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Range isn’t everything.Continue reading Is the Nissan Leaf still competitive? Absolutely. Here’s why
Is the Nissan Le…

High-Bred Hybrids: Aston Martin Plans to Electrify All Models

Not even low-volume, high-dollar supercars can escape the grips of upcoming emissions restrictions. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has declared that “we will be 100 percent hybrid by the middle of the 2020s,” according to a report published by the U.K. newspaper Financial Times and confirmed by the company’s public relations staff. That statement doesn’t exactly mean what […]

Double-Decker Electric: Royal Mail Tests Stylish Delivery Vans in London

Nearly five years ago, the U.K.’s postal authority, the Royal Mail, issued stamps commemorating a British cultural staple: Doctor Who. And now the Royal Mail is putting into test service an all-electric truck design that could just as well be a prop for that beloved show, perhaps in a London street scene decades in the future. […]

Tesla ‘long haul’ electric semi truck will reportedly go 200-300 miles per charge

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That’s the low end of the long-haul range but might be a successful niche marketContinue reading Tesla ‘long haul’ electric semi tr…