Trump Rules: How $225,000 Can Help Secure a Pollution Loophole at Trump’s E.P.A.

A Tennessee truck dealership lavished a local Republican congresswoman with campaign donations. It also sells “Make Trucks Great Again” caps.

Former GM Advanced Powertrain Executive Says Not So Fast on EV Adoption

Professor Friedrich Indra is one of the most vocal critics of electric mobility. He started his career at Alpina and Audi before moving to General Motors in Detroit, where he eventually took over responsibility for advanced engineering in powertrain operations. He retired in 2005 but continues to work as a scholar and an advisor to […]

Volkswagen’s Electrify America EV Charging Network to Rival Size of Tesla’s

Electrify America is the Volkswagen-bankrolled organization that exists to atone with regulators for the automaker’s diesel scandal, and it’s gearing up to install thousands of chargers across the United States in an effort that is expected eventually to outdo Tesla’s Supercharger network as the biggest vehicle-charging infrastructure buildout ever. A Brand-Agnostic and (Mostly) Future-Proof Network The […]

VW halts European van deliveries amid diesel emissions ‘uncertainties’

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Echo of ‘dieselgate’ comes after magazine reports on the latest problem.Continue reading VW halts European van deliveries amid d…

Not Zero: Emissions from Driving an EV Vary Widely by Country

China and India both aspire to embrace electric cars to cut petroleum dependence over the next decade. But there’s a big reality check: Electric cars are only as clean as the power sources that charge them. So far, in both of these rapidly changing markets, the electrical grids are quite dirty. Both China and India fall into […]