Lewis Hamilton owns 15 cars, uses tow trucks to keep the mileage low

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Including a pair of LaFerraris and a custom Zonda.Continue reading Lewis Hamilton owns 15 cars, uses tow trucks to…

Dulling Down the Sport: FIA Considers Digitized Checkered Flag After F1 Mishap

Over the weekend, model Winnie Harlow mistakenly waved the checkered flag a lap early at otherwise dull Canadian Formula One Grand Prix. While not the first incident of its kind, the error has pushed the FIA into considering the adoption of a digitized…

L’Ultimo Pagani Huayra painted like Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG racer

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Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 driver and four-time F1 world champion has a bit of history with Pagani. Back in 2012, he custom order…