Ford and Mahindra Hop Deeper Into Bed; Joint SUVs Planned

China got a headstart in the “countries with over a billion people who suddenly love owning a car” race, but India’s trying its best to catch up. With a growing pool of consumers ready and willing to hand over cash for a car, Ford Mot…

See the USA in a Mahindra? Indian Automaker to Open Detroit-area Plant, Report Says

For the company’s sake, hopefully Mahindra & Mahindra’s second attempt to enter the U.S. market won’t go the same way as the first. The Indian automaker is reportedly planning a 400,000-square-foot assembly plant in the Detroit su…

Ford CEO Jim Hackett reviewing the future of technology, Lincoln, overseas markets

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“Some big decisions will be made,” Ford Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks said.Continue reading …

Domestics Abroad: Part II – Chevrolet’s Foreign Fare

Today we feature the second entry to our Domestics Abroad series. Here’s where we take a look at the international models proffered around the world that wear a domestic company’s badge on the grille, but are not offered in their brands’ domestic markets. This is ground zero for “you can’t get that here.” All nameplates you’ll see in this series […]

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