When will Nissan EVs drive themselves? | Autoblog in Japan

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We talk to Nissan’s EV boss, Nicholas Thomas, at the global HQ.Continue reading When will Nissan EVs drive t…

Former GM Advanced Powertrain Executive Says Not So Fast on EV Adoption

Professor Friedrich Indra is one of the most vocal critics of electric mobility. He started his career at Alpina and Audi before moving to General Motors in Detroit, where he eventually took over responsibility for advanced engineering in powertrain operations. He retired in 2005 but continues to work as a scholar and an advisor to […]

How I Got Here: Writer And Delightful Weirdo Jason Torchinsky

Want a job doing things with cars? In this series, we talk to people who have jobs doing things with cars, and ask ’em how they got those jobs, and if those jobs are as great as they look. The answer is generally, “yes.” A Kind of Sentience: Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky on Scimitars, Steam Buses, […]

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The tale of Klaus Zellmer’s Oldsmobile Delta 88

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‘Well, we’ve got $1,000. What can we have?’Continue reading The tale of Klaus Zellmer’s Oldsmobile Delta 88
The tale of Klaus Zellmer’s Oldsmo…

Interview: Genesis Chief on the Planning and Future of Korea’s First Ever Luxury-Car

The Genesis G70 sports sedan has just been revealed, and we’ve driven it. While it’s already clear Genesis will have its hands full launching the rear- and all-wheel-drive G70, it’s also clear that this is very much the tip of the iceberg. A new player aiming to shake up the luxury market, with deep resources courtesy of […]

Henrik Fisker interview: the EMotion EV, and a ‘game-changer’ charging method

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The new charging standard isn’t inductive, isn’t a cable, and you don’t have to get out of your ca…

Q&A with Matt Becker, Ex-Lotus (and Current Aston Martin) Chassis Whisperer

From the June 2017 issue Over a 26-year career at Lotus, Matt Becker has had a hand in the chassis tuning of approximately 50 vehicles, although he can talk publicly about only a handful of them. The various automakers that contracted Lotus through the years typically paid for both Becker’s expertise and his discretion. The […]