When It’s OK To Rocket Bunny

Few automotive styling trends have divided opinion in recent years quite like the current predisposition for over-fenders. As has been pointed countless times already, it’s not really a ‘trend’ in the sense that it’s only going to be a passing fad, as …

Project GTI: TE37s Are Life

See, I told you this was still a thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve put together any really substantial updates on Project GTI. The truth is that I’ve been working on the car for nearly three years now, and it’s just about where I’ve always wanted…

The Honda-Powered Silvia Touches Down

More often than not, these ideas rarely move beyond this stage. They forever remain as the product of big dreams without the ability to make them happen. We’re all guilty of this, myself included. What could have been… Some of these ideas do advance, a…

Project GTI: Keepin’ It Rubber Side Down

Yes, Project GTI is still a thing. I’m quite a ways beyond the two year anniversary mark with my Volkswagen, but there hasn’t been much to talk about these last few months. In fact, I’ve had to go back and re-read the last post to catch myself up and ensure I don’t repeat anything. It’s […]

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Saving The T50 Japan AE86

There’s definitely been a pattern over the last week with some of the Juicebox BBQ cars I identified for further spotlights. In more ways than one, it does feel right that we should finish our BBQ coverage this year just how we started it – with another rescued AE86. This one is a little bit different, however, in that it has […]

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Inspired By Japan, Built For Gatebil

Back in 2013, Reuben Dover stood on the pit wall at Rudskogen Motorsenter as Fredric Aasbø led a train of high speed drift cars, including those driven by Mad Mike Whiddett and Vaughn Gittin Jr., past the wall. 2013 was maybe the best year at Gatebil that I ever experienced, and I can wholly understand why […]

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RX-Hate: A Cummins Diesel-Powered Mazda RX-8

Despite the name, this wasn’t an RX-8 built to incite keyboard warriors around the world, although it inevitably will. When Comhghan Locke looked into the empty RX-8 engine bay before him, his Cummins diesel-powered Land Rover just happened to be sat beside, its bonnet open. The Land Rover had served him well for several years, and […]

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