Buy/Drive/Burn: Oddball Semi-premium SUVs From 1998

The Buy/Drive/Burn series has been stuck in a time warp lately. After tackling domestic minivans from 1994 with luxury appointments, we moved on to 1997 and some nontraditional imported minivans. Once again, we’re going to keep it in the ’9…

Jewel Boxes: Compact Luxury Crossovers Ranked from Worst to Best


Vellum Venom: Daylight Opening (DLO), Defined

With reader feedback always on my mind, perhaps an overview of commonly used terms in the car design trade is needed. Let’s define the Daylight Opening (DLO) and dig into one of the more confusing terms in a car designer’s handbook. Daylight Opening li…

Land Rover Upgrades 2018 Discovery’s Electronics and Adds Diesel to Base Trim

Just one year after its introduction, the Land Rover Discovery receives new electronics and colors for 2018, to keep pace with the company’s pricier offerings. The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster found in the 2018 Range Rover Velar and the full-size 2018 Range Rover is now standard on the Discovery HSE and is a $565 option […]

Higher Base Price, Cheaper Diesel Coming to 2018 Land Rover Discovery

Newly restyled for its 2017 debut, the fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery rock crawls into 2018 much the same, save for pricing, new standard and available content, and the wider availability of a powerplant with a bad global reputation. Not to say …

Jamie Oliver’s Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate cooking machine

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There’s a toaster in the center console.Continue reading Jamie Oliver’s Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate cooking machine