Buy/Drive/Burn: 2018 High-end Luxury SUVs for Over $100,000

Obviously the B&B are all about brand-new imported luxury SUVs, as their great value, utility, and long-term prospective ownership costs put them in a class all their own. Trolling opener aside, we’re going to talk about expensive SUVs today….

2018 Range Rover family: How they compare

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So, there’s this thing called the 2018 Land Rover Range Rover. But really, that’s just what it’s called in the realm of automotive websites that need a proper Y…

Gee, Landie Wagon: We Drive the Quickest Defender That Land Rover Has Ever Built

While we eagerly await a completely new Land Rover Defender, it doesn’t take much to rekindle our nostalgia over the bare-knuckled brawn of the original, which was introduced overseas in 1983 but had roots in the original Series I Landie of 70 years ago. A recent short drive of a re-engineered version, the Defender Works […]