Aston Martin documentary tells development story of Vantage GTE racer

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A short documentary film traces the development of the new Aston Martin Vantage GTE endurance racer.Continue reading Aston Martin documentary tells development story of…

That Was Fast: Aston Martin Unveils Vantage GTE Racer

There is normally a gap between when an automaker unveils a new model and the announcement of its racing spinoff. But Aston Martin is releasing details and images of the new Vantage GTE racer just eight hours after showing its roadgoing counterpart for the first time. Such is the relentless pace of Aston’s development program. […]

The C-HR R-Tuned: If This Is the Direction Crossovers Are Heading, We’ll Stop Complaining

Intended to be the best of both worlds, crossovers deliver the ruggedness of a sport utility vehicle with the handling characteristics of a sedan. At least, that’s the theory. In practice, we’ve often found them lukewarm — sacrificing the b…

Oiled Up: Lucas Dollars Might Lubricate More Racing Than Lucas Oils

From the October 2017 issue In Corona, California, there’s a massive, wooden, camel-humped building that Sunkist erected during the 1920s in which to squeeze lemons. There, on the lower level of the old citrus-processing plant, Lucas Oil Products now manufactures many of its 272 different additives, fuel treatments, and lubricants. But upstairs are the offices […]