Double Check: 2019 Porsche Macan Facelift Revealed, Good Luck Spotting the Difference

When you think about Porsche, you’re probably thinking of the 911. However, you really should be thinking about the Macan. It may have started out as a supplementary model for families interested in the Cayenne SUV but who found it beyond their m…

Porsche Diesels Are Officially Dead with Demise of Diesel-Engine Macan

Porsche has ceased producing its vehicles with diesel engines in all global markets. The news comes comes courtesy of the U.K. publication Autocar, which reported the brand has stopped production of its diesel-equipped Macan compact crossover. The Porsche Panamera and the Porsche Cayenne already had ditched their diesel engine options. Porsche’s decision to pull the plug on diesel […]

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