Tesla Still Struggles to Build Model 3 but Promises a Transformative Year

Perhaps riding a bit on the Starman high of this week’s SpaceX triumph, which included the successful launch of a special payload (Musk’s Tesla Roadster) into space, the one-liner that Tesla CEO Elon Musk blurted out near the start of a financial call for the automaker may have fallen a little flat: “If we can […]

Tesla Semi Caught Testing, Quietly, on Public Roads [Video]

If the fully electric Tesla Semi lives up to the company’s claims, it will be far quicker than any other normal-production tractor-trailer on the market, capable of accelerating to 60 mph in just five seconds with no load or in just 20 seconds—the same as an empty diesel semi—when pulling a trailer that increases the gross weight to […]

More Logical Than Ludicrous: Tesla Semi Will Need to Deliver Reliability

As dramatic as the surprise unveiling of a second-generation Tesla Roadster was last week, the world does not need yet another electric supercar. What it does need is an alternative for the two-thirds of freight activity that is carried out by pollution- and carbon-dioxide–belching diesel trucks. Which is why the Tesla Semi is potentially far […]