Go Inside the Detroit Auto Show’s $250-Per-Ticket Exotic-Car Showcase


Breaking Necks In A Wide-Body NSX

When it comes to building stop-you-in-your-tracks high-end show cars, the name J.J Dubec, or ‘Doczilla’ as he’s known online, might be familiar. The spaceship-esque widebody NSX you’re looking at isn’t the Vancouver-based physician’s first rodeo, but i…

The 650-Horsepower Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 004S Has a Central Driving Position

Car development and production is not restricted to major manufacturers in the 21st century. Some cars come from racing legends such as Emerson Fittipaldi, some might come from vacuum cleaner pioneers such as James Dyson, and still others from obsessive collectors such as James Glickenhaus. After playing a role in the creation of the Pininfarina P4/5, Glick turned […]