Forty-Three Years Strong, Shelby Club’s Annual Outing

Shelby American Automobile Club has been doing this sort of thing for a while. Forty-three years, to be exact, and last weekend’s gathering at Sonoma Raceway was, yes, their 43rd annual national convention. Being hosted at a race track, their events ar…

Nobe 100 is an EV with vintage cuteness ‘that you want to lick’

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Estonian electric car has throwback looks and EV mechanicals.Continue reading Nobe 100 is an EV with vintage cuteness ‘that you want to lick’
Nobe 100…

Vintage Touge Running In Nikko

Welcome to the automotive equivalent of a fine glass of aged wine. You should now button up your velvet smoking jacket, sit down on your comfortable leather reading chair and prepare yourself for a little visual recollection of my weekend just been. Be…

September Editorial: Analogue Love

We love all sort of cars here at Speedhunters, but this month I personally want to explore the world of the Japanese kyusha. I just had the chance to drive a recently restored and decently tuned S30 from TA Auto, and it’s sparked off a whole lot of ideas in my head. First of all, why haven’t […]

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