How to prevent cloth seats from tearing?

Looking at a lot of xterras and pathfinders, it’s very hard to find them in my area with leather seats, so I will probably have to settle for cloth. However, most of the ones I see seem to have torn driver seats on the edge which the driver would be sliding over to get in. The logical approach here would probably be to avoid sliding on it but does anyone have any tips for not ruining the seats over the years provided they already aren’t?

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2017 Dodge Challenger SRT / SRT Hellcat In-Depth Review: Lord of the Horsepower War

Billowing burnouts and thunderous emanations are standard equipment on the Challenger SRT siblings. Dodge’s devilish duo are fitted with an adaptive suspension and substantial brakes; the SRT 392 packs a 485-hp Hemi V-8, and the Hellcat summons 707 horses from its evil-sounding supercharged V-8. Both retro-styled coupes route power to the rear wheels through a […]