Problem with 2010 Honda Civic AC

Early today i was on my was into the city and my daily driver was fine, AC was blowing could air and had no problems as usual.

I then get to my destination and take a couple minutes to get myself together and i noticed the AC just completely stopped blowing any cold air and the check engine light came on.

Im about to be on my way to get codes read but im just looking for some opinions on what could be causing this.

It was recently purchased from a dealer and is well taken care of and wondering what you guys might think COULD be the problem.

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Former Lamborghini Boss Stephan Winkelmann Leaving Audi Sport to Run Bugatti in 2018

According to a report in Autocar, the rise through Volkswagen Group ranks accomplished by Audi Sport CEO Stephan Winkelmann will continue in 2018. Formerly a Fiat employee, the 52-year-old Winkelmann became famous in the auto industry during his decade-long run as president and CEO of Lamborghini. Winkelmann then took over at Audi’s Quattro performance division […]

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All these new car posts

Just wanted to see what everyone else thought.

Honestly, congrats to everyone getting their first cars, and new cars, etc. That is genuinely really awesome. But it seems the subreddit gets littered with it daily.

Maybe there is a better way to tell everyone, without necessarily having it directly on the subreddit page. Sort of like our seasonal mechanical thread. Just wondering what the rest of you think?

Edit* I can already see the down-votes, and I understand this may be an unpopular opinion. But it would be nice see people comment as to why they do or don’t favor it.

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