What is going on with my Ford Focus?


I’ve driven a 2005 Ford Focus hatchback zx3 for the past 12 years. For reference, I replaced the starter fuse and the alternator back in 2008.

Recently, my car has been stalling it once in a while when pulling into a parking space. It has done this 3 times, and once reversing out of a space. Two weeks ago, I had to replace the alternator again, and also replaced the battery. Starter fuse was fine this time around.

Yesterday, it stalled again while attempting to park. When this happens, there are no lights on the dash to indicate something is wrong. I took it to Firestone (who replaced the alternator) and they told me that without lights, they would need to do a diagnostic which costs $99, and even then it may not tell us anything.

I just paid $100 for a battery, $500 for an alternator (California emissions). I also need to replace the exhaust system and fix a tire play. I can’t afford to spend $100 that may not tell me anything.

Any ideas?

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If you had a car named after yourself, what would you do with it?

There is this girl, Elisa Artioli. Lotus Elise is named after her. Im not sure what is she up to but im pretty sure he has one Elise parked in her garage.

So tell me what type of car (e.g SUV, Sports car, off roader, specify as much as you wish) would it be and what would you do with her. would you modify it? would you daily it… anything. lets hear some deep meaningful shit lol

  • P.S there is one condition: car was designed after you were born and left factory when you were around 4-5 years old.

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What does the "as is" condition actually mean?

Located in Ontario Canada if that helps I understand that technically that label means the car is not E Tested or may not be able to be E Tested, but does go beyond that? Does that mean the car is seriously broken, or the dealership doesn’t want to go through the pains of fixing some tiny little issue? Cars with this label are significantly cheaper, is there a reason for that, or are people just scared off by that label?

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Most reliable car under $10k? (X-Post)

I am in the market for a used car, likely from a used car dealership since I need a new car very soon.

My number criteria is reliability. Something that will consistently get me from point a to point b without breaking down on the side of the road (with good maintenance ofc). I will be taking out of state trips about once a month, and otherwise commute ~15 mi. daily.

Otherwise, safety is really important – I’ll be carting around siblings, so something I know they’ll be relatively OK in an accident would be important. Style/power/handling don’t matter.

I’m pre-approved for up to $9600, but under $8000 is what I’m shooting for. Here are some deals I’ve scouted out (all at pricetag in my area).

2013-2014 Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sentra, 60K-70K, $8000

2014 Hyundai Accent, <40K, $8000

I would love a Honda Civic, but any under 100K are like $9000 and up.

I’ll consider a Scion, Pontiac Vibe, or Mazda3 as well, if the cost to repair isn’t too high.

Any advice or models I should add to my list? Thanks!

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